Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A deck of cuteness

I made two Matryoshka wool felt ornaments. One is for me and one is for a friend...she gets to choose which one she wants. Ive already made something Matryoshka for this person before so she should know who she is:) The book I got it from is called "Fa La La La Felt". It's full of really cute decorations and ornaments. One of the few books out there where I want to make most of the stuff in it.
Stocking for Deana. She picked out the fabrics.

Playing cards for Emily's stocking. I am so impressed and happy with these! I got them from artscow.com. They are in Hong Kong I think. Sign up with them and get lots of freebies. You still have to pay shipping (which can be $5-7) but the item is free.

How cute are these?? We just taught Emily how to play Go Fish and she loves it...when played with her rules..
Last Christmas I got the girls some playing card holders (like these but round) from Jacko downtown. My friend Lisa was getting them for her kids and I thought it was genius so I had to get them too. I'm so glad I did because it makes it so much easier for Emily to hold the cards.

The dragon picture is the one on all of the backsides and then each card has a different picture.

More cinnamon ornaments made by Mary A.
Remember the cookie cutters I posted about here? These are them!

So stinkin cute and they smell good too! They are for sale at the store FYI:)


Adie said...

The ornaments are adorable--love them! And those cards are just precious. Very cool.

I'm not going to leave any love for Mary A. until she gets her won blog, and posts her things there. Then I will leave her lots of love, because she deserves it. ^_^

Mary A. said...

Don't hold your breath Adrienne. If you don't know already, I'm not at all computer savvy. I don't think I could handle it. Plus I don't craft enough; you'd see an update every 3 months or something. I'm really happy Jennifer posts my stuff though. It makes me feel famous =)

Now on to Jennifer. Love the ornaments; you know who will go crazy over them. It really is the perfect gift for her. The cards were really cute; I think next year I'll copy that. First I should teach him how to play. How special that's going to make Emily feel, seeing her face on all those cards. Oh yeah, and nice job on the stocking. It came out really nice!

TheBlackForrist said...

seriously... the cards are THE best idea EVER, I kinda haphazardly collect cards, I LOVE them! And the felt Matryoshka dolls are going on my list of things to make!

Kelly's Korner said...

Hmmm... how many friends have you made Matryoshka stuff for? Those are awesome! LOVE the playing cards! Those are so cute! I love Mary's ornaments too!

corinnea said...

Hey lady! I LOVE the ornaments!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The cards are a great idea.

Mary A's ornaments are gorgeous as usual.

You just find the cutest things.

insanely crafty said...

Oh I am sooo making some cards. You find the best things!

lizy said...

The cards are amazing. what a great idea:) The ornaments are really cute and the Matryoshka are sooo adorable I have them on my things to do list. I have a tutorial for them with a little pouch on the front to put a child in there. So if you have two kids you would add a pouch on the first child also to put the second child in his/her pouch. Do I make sense?

Jennifer said...

Lizy: I want to see that tutorial you ahve for the matroyshka.Thanks everyone for the nice comments:)

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