Thursday, August 27, 2009

Working on...and Costume fun

This is what I'm working on.. a sneak peak. I have half of it done.

I saved this to my computer because it's such a neat idea! It's from girlwithmoxy on flickr. It's on her back porch, pointing the way to loved ones who live far away.

I have collected pictures of costume ideas over the years.
Here is one from a favorite movie of Jon's. Teen Wolf.

I'm assuming this is a female Gnome.

I could not remember her name so I typed in "British singer with ratty hair" and Amy Winhouse popped up! How funny is that? Poor poor girl.
Soon I will be starting my Halloween Costume. I have the pattern, I'm just waiting on the fabric. And then I need to gather Jon's outift.
All the costume photos were saved without the owners info so I can't credit these people. I'm really bad about that mostly because I'm in a hurry to save and don't want to take the time to remember the persons name when I'm saving.


insanely crafty said...

oh what are you guys going to be? Or is it a secret? I wasn't worried about the bag. Mum told me and I completely understand your busy. No worries get to me whenever

Adie said...

Love the signs...but what to you do when someone moves, and the distance changes? Or worse, when you move, and all the distances change? Lol, I guess you just re-do the whole thing. It's such a good idea.

Your costumes were so incredible last year, I'm excited to see what you have in store for this year. :)

corinnea said...

You manage to make me laugh most posts. Love the signs.

The header with Miss Ava is gorgeous!

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