Monday, August 17, 2009

Sony ebook

My new toy!! It's a Sony Reader Digital Book with touch screen (PRS700BC). I am a VOROCIOUS reader! I just wanted to describe myself as voracious:) It's a cool word. Anyway, I read A LOT.

This is why I got it:

1. I'm not in to renting books from the library (every time I call or look online for the book I want, our library doesn't have it) I read books over and over so renting them doesn't work and
2. I HATE buying books online and waiting and waiting and waiting for them to arrive.

3. Our PX has a horrible selection.
4. My apartment is already overstuffed.
5. I read EVERY night before bed even if it's only 15 minutes, and the lights annoys Jon (this particular Sony has a light)
6. I was saving to buy a new serger but I'm going to wait a while on that so with some of that money I was able to get this! Schwing!
There's more reasons but I know some people (Katelyn) have already fallen asleep so I'll stop talking..except for what I wrote below then I'll stop.
Jenny B. bought one of these a while ago so the research was already done:) It's charging right now and I can't wait to start reading! Until it's ready, I'm rereading Acts of Faith by Erich Segal (same guy who wrote Love Story). It's a really good book. I'm also waiting for the Lily Bard series by Charlaine Harris (True Blood books) to come in the mail. oh, yeah, I meant to say that buying this digital reader was not to save money on books. From what I can tell, buying an ebook is about the same amount as a regular, hold-in-your-hand-book.

Jenny and I are putting together some embroidery projects for the store. Here's one of mine. I got the needle and thread from a Sublime Stitching pattern we carry in the store and the quote from googling "sewing quotes".

The Happy Stacker from Heather Bailey. We now have it at the store so it's sample time...I have two more rings to go.

A new quilt from the book, Winsome Baby. It's going to be ADORABLE!! For a preview of what this quilt looks like finished, look here and here. Heidi so generously gave me some of this fabric to make it! Fabric is Celebrate Spring.
I think I should start a daily Emily quote:
" my poo poo packed it's bag and is ready to go!"


Jocelyn said...

Oh! Let me know how you like the Sony Reader. I had actually ordered an Amazon Kindle, but ended up refusing the package when it arrived because I found out that Amazon still sells foie gras and dogfighting + cockfighting books and videos. (so my boycott of is back on) I looked into the Sony reader, but didn't get it because it didn't have the features of the Kindle which I liked. (being able to look up a word that you don't know while reading, being able to download books + periodicals without having to hook up to a computer, etc.) I'm still thinking about getting one, but worried that they will come out with a newer version as soon as I order it. (which is what happened when I got the iPod mini) Love the Ava quilt and the other stuff you made. So cute! Counting down the days til you post your next giveaway! =)

corinnea said...

Was this another slow to update situation or did you start this hours before you posted??

Busy girl! Your not just a voracious ( I love this word too along with inundate) reader, I think sewing goes in that catagory too! I'm happy for you getting your reader. I'd like to see it...

All the sewing is great! I knew you'd have to do another quilt. I love that one.

Emily quotes, I think we should all start the day with them.

Katelyn R. said...

Actually, i made it up to when you said my name and then just started skimming and looking at the pictures! Are you making the quilt or is heidi? because its ADORABLE! and i love the fairy tale print on the stacker toy!

Mary H. said...

The quilt is very pretty!
I also like the embroidery quote and stacker toys :)
I agree about the EBooks- I ordered a book weeks ago from Amazon and am STILL waiting for it to arrive. Amazon used to be quick with shipments too once apon a time. Does the Sony cost about the same as the Kindle? B/c I know those suckers were expensive when they first came out. I'll have to do some research.

TheBlackForrist said...

Sony thingy... LUCKY! and I LOVE the quilt colors... it's darling.

Kelly's Korner said...

I LOVE everything!!! And the quote made me laugh out loud!

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