Monday, August 10, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

That's Miss Humpty, if ya please.
I found this free tutorial on the long thread website.
Same place I got the scrappy owl treat bag from (see previous post).
I love that website.

The stripes are an Anna Griffen fabric and the head is from a really soft canvas. I interfaced both. The bottom is filled with poly-pellets and the top is filled with polyester stuffing. There are pipe cleaners in her arms and legs to make her poseable and her two halves are attached by Velcro.
I thought the pattern was VERY easy and there wasn't one part of the tutorial I didn't understand.
After Miss Humpty's great fall. I can't embroider very well if there is nothing for me to embroider over (I need something to copy!) so instead of open eyes I made them demurely closed eyes.

Another day outside in this nasty heat. I wish we had a proper yard for them to play in.

I think the one of Ava looks like she took it for her my space/face book profile picture.
And remember:
Read the previous post.
I will draw a name on Friday August 14Th.


pearlswirl said...

Love the Humpty Lady. I know what you mean about that picture of Ava, it's cause you can see her arms "holding the camera" and also she's got her tongue out like she's trying to look flirty or something. So cute!!! Personally i'd go with the emily style of profile picture. Wild child :) Oh btw i responded to your email!!

sasha said...

hahaha! You are so right about the Ava photo...SO funny! I LOVE that photo of Emily, too! They're so adorable. Lovin' the Miss Humpty! I like her eyes closed. It's too fun. I really need to get on something so I actually have SOMETHING to post! ya and miss ya! Have a good week! :-)

corinnea said...

I love her!!! So cute!

Those girls...

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