Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Kodak Gallery erased my account. Well, not all of my account. Just my photos. Only the most important part of the account!! All of them since 2001. This includes my wedding photos. I still have access to my friends shared accounts. Yippee!

I have a headache from this heat and being alone with two kids for too long. Jon is in Mannheim for two weeks but coming home on the weekends and while I love these small separations, I have a small child that wants me to look at everything she does. This includes hopping on one foot to pretending to chew gum to wanting me to watch her race herself to the other end of the living room and shout with her that she won! and then i have another one that screams like a siren/pterodactyl and that's all I have to say about that. And the fighting between these two! Oh my God!! So I couldn't have discovered this at a worse time.

I knew they were going to erase my photos by a certain time. I knew this and I did nothing about it because i was waiting for the warning emails. Seriously. I was waiting for them to say something one month out, one week out, the day before or something like that. They emailed me 6 months or so before and that's it. Yes, it's my responsibility to check my date and write it down (I swear I did this but now can't find it on my calendar) and then just order something that totals $4.99 so I can keep my photos on their site for another 90 days. I thought they'd want my business!

I'm a big girl and I realize I messed up but they messed up too. I love some of their products. But I will not shop with them again. I'll most likely just shut down my account and I'll have to force myself to just keep my business between Shutterfly and Snapfish. Kodak Gallery was the 1st place I ever uploaded prints to so you can imagine how many photos I had on there. I'm going to stop writing and go cry:(
Because I can't post without a crafty thing to show and some random photos I came across today:

This was made years ago! One of my 1st quilting experiences. It's a table runner made from Moda fabrics. And it was a gift for my Step mom. Even though it's not my style I really love it. I pieced it AND quilted it! I used clear thread on the top and cream on the bottom to do a meandering type design. This project was where I 1st learned that a 1/4" foot really matters.

To prove to my coworkers that I really did wear big earrings in the late 80's early 90's. This is on the plane to San Francisco with my sister. I think 1991 or 1992 (maybe 20 years old?). And no that is not a perm. I used to actually encourage my hair to be it's most natural:) You go hair!

This is Jon a year after I met him. Not River Phoenix like you 1st thought I'm sure:) Did you know that River's last name was actually Bottom? His family changed it. River Bottom... poor guy. Although, I did want to name Emily, Sunday Parrish.

No reason for this picture..1995

Me at Yardage City of San Diego, 1995 (the blond is Andrea). My hips aren't really that big.

Me and my sister..1993 or thereabouts. We set the camera on the side of the pool with the timer.


pearlswirl said...

Soooo... much.... don't know what to comment on first! Sorry the babies are driving you crazy. And the heat, I can just hear you saying how gross it is (although i love it).

That picture with the hoop earrings. I like the hair alot. That's the kind of body and curl I wish my hair had. I was the little girl with straight hair that wanted really really curly. I guess I still am actually. :)

Nice moons too.

corinnea said...

I am dying. Like Jenny, I don't know where to start. Nah, I do, who's moon is who's???

So sorry about the photos. If my hard drive ever crashes......

Sorry about the heat. Even I am hot. Nuf said.

Love your first quilt. I'm about to pull my first big one out and finish it, maybe. I think I have some 1/2 inch seam allowances going on....

I personally love your hair, actually. Jon's hot, just sayin.

Isn't parenting fun? Isn't it? No?

mary said...

Wow, I planned on saying so many things till I saw your rear. Everything is gone now.

Sorry about your pictures, and the girls driving you crazy =-(

I love your 90s pic and the picture of John. That dude had some hair!

Margaret said...

The only thing I can say about your pictures is thank you for reminding me I needed to order to save mine on snapfish. Any more than that and I might cry for you.

Love the other photos! You should embrace your natural curl more often!

Congrats on getting featured on Oliver+S again. Too cool.

Katelyn R. said...

I love seeing old pictures of you! You should post more! sorry about your photos... i don't have accounts anywhere so i don't what to tell you. also that table runner is really cool!

Anonymous said...

OMG that was hilarious! I love all the pictures. Especially the perm and a&* pictures...nasty girls. I miss you and the pictures made me sad. Are you back here yet? Hurry up!!! JennyBean

Jocelyn Richards said...

Oh man. So sorry about your photos on Kodak Gallery. It's a big reminder for me to put all my stuff that's on there on a disk before they do they same thing to's been almost a year since I bought anything from them so I'm sure the same thing will happen to me sometime soon.

Wasn't that picture of you on the plane the same time you saw Curtis walking around North Beach with Stella? Or was it the time you went up to visit Pat? Or was it neither?

Why don't I remember Jon looking like that? He TOTALLY looks like River Phoenix in that picture.

Have you lost it on Emily yet? I think she's still used to being an only child and getting all the attention! ;^)

Jules said...

Wow - my bum is out there for everyone to see!! Playboy, here I come!

Hey, I hear you about Kodak Gallery. For once my analness (is that a word?) had paid off - I luckily avoided being cut off by them by buying into their demands! Such BS when we've been customers for so long and have spent so much money with them. Okay, I digress . . . so, I have two albums with your photos on them: your wedding (that I took) and Jon's graduation from bootcamp. Also, I have about 22 albums of yours linked to my account. I just sent you an invite for these albums. Hope that helps.

LOVE Ava's quilt!! And that photo of her is priceless.

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