Friday, February 19, 2016

The Ultimate Circle Case 1,2 and 3

I made these circle cases way back before Christmas as Christmas presents. These two were for a friends kids. The pattern is from Jessica here and the fabrics are from Japan (not the linings). I get most of my zippers from zippit on etsy. These are a nice size (about 8" across) and are perfect for all sorts of things. 

I showed this photo below so you can see the spiderweb design I did on the top and bottom of the boy case.
This case below was for my friend Jocelyn.
I loved making these! They aren't super easy but they aren't impossible. They went together much easier than these bags


kms handmade said...

Those are amazing!!! I've wondered how hard they would be but haven't tried to make one yet. Thanks for always being the trail blazing friend! Your handiwork is always awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love these! They, and you, are wonderful! JennyBean.

Jessica said...

I love the way yours turned out!

Hopefully they're much easier now that all the pattern testing is done 😬 I've yet to have anyone give any feedback either way.

jules said...

YSFT!! I love, love, love these!!!

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