Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Felt Campifire

A felt campfire for my sister! 
My sister is a 4th grade teacher and every year they do something called Westward Expansion/the Pioneer trail in her class (Emily did it in her class a couple months ago) It's an interactive game where students role play as settlers heading west on the wagon train. For one part of it my sister has the kids sit around a campfire. She had a paper campfire but it was falling apart sooo I made her a new one!
It was also her birthday present.

I made this from looking at the one on the website, etsy sellers and tutorials/pictures found searching google. I'm contemplating making a pattern because mostly people are selling them already made. If you are a sewer it's really hard to buy finished products when you can sew it yourself! For cheaper. But I hate writing patterns so it may never happen.

The fire is in two parts and has one layer of Timtex in between the felt. Emily suggested I not sew down the orange fire and let it be floppy.
The logs are my favorite! 
The rocks are all sewn onto the mat because kids are little turds and will play with the rocks. In a classroom this is not good. Besides it makes clean up really easy as everything folds up and goes  neatly in an ikea shoe box
The log with the branch and leaves is my favorite of the 3 logs.
I used mostly wool blend felt from Benzie felt on etsy. The red and the brown are the only 100% wool felt from achildsdream.com **Holland wool felt


Corinnea said...

So so so stinking cute.

Lightning McStitch said...

Snort, "because kids are turds"! I just know we'd get along and be friends!! :)
Your campfire I perfect. This would make such a good kindergarten gift or play gift for young kids. Absolutely should be a pattern, but I can appreciate the bother that that is. Otherwise I'll just look hard at the pictures and copy you anyway!

kms handmade said...

Awesome!!!! this is so cute!!!! Let me know if you want to work together on a pattern. I'm better with the pattern writing than the inventing cool stuff part! ;)

Jules said...

YSFT and I'm so lucky that you make me cool things! I'm soooo excited to use this, and the students will get a kick out of it. Mr. S will be so envious! It really is one of the coolest things you've made me. The IKEA shoe box is a perfect container for it. Thank you, Jenny❤️

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