Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cute wrapping and Cute Vinyl decals

 Emily turned 9 a month and a half ago ! NINE! WOW. Anyway, I had fun wrapping her gifts. The animal inspiration is from here and the giant E's were made on my silhouette using cardstock.

 Also about 2 months ago I had been seeing this "no triceratops riding" sign all over the place and wanted one. But from what I saw it's an actual sign somewhere? Not sure but I couldn't buy it. Sooooo I made it!! I am SO proud of myself. really. I searched and spent a lot of time making this. The triceratops, red part and person are all just screen captures from the web and in the Silhouette software I made made them all come together:) I looked for blank white plastic to use for the sign part but I couldn't find it and didn't really know how to word it when looking online. Then I was helping my sister-in-law clean her back yard and in some drawers that had been exposed to the elements were these white plastic pieces that were exactly what I was looking for! They are exactly like a thin for sale sign or yard sale sign. After cutting the size I wanted, I used a corner rounder punch and a hole punch for the top and bottom.  I made one for her backyard and for the girls room and one for my nephew's room. 
 Below is a decal I made for my sister-in-laws toilet. The design is from the web and made on my Silhouette.
And one more decal for my sister-in-law. The "rub me on your butt" image is from here. 


Anonymous said...

Really Great and really creative as per usual. I think my favorite are all the decals. Super cute. JennyBean

Kelly's Korner said...

How fun to open presents wrapped to adorably! Live the no riding sign! We've started selling silhouettes at the store now! We gave one away as a prize at the arts and crafts contest. They are sooo awesome!

Corinnea said...

Everything is so cute! Love the no riding sign.

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