Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tschüss wooden sign

Tschüss: bye, cheers, ciao, adieu. Or "don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you". 
Romeo ist so süß!
For my sister's birthday I ordered her this sign from this Etsy seller (It was a custom order).
Here are the specs from the seller: 16" wide, cut out of 1/2" maple painted black. The seller was wonderful to work with and the turnaround was not too long. How awesome is this sign? 
This one below is from this etsy seller and was a birthday present for my sister's Fire Fighter husband, Steve. He's from New York. They are about 10.5" high and metal.

And I never blogged these shirts with matching books that my sister got the girls for Christmas! 
How awesome are these????  The Pride and Prejudice board book is the coolest. All the characters are felted and there is one word per page.


Kelly's Korner said...

Nice stuff! I need to make that tschüss sign. I was thinking of a "shut the front door" one! :) the books with matching shirts are also awesome!

Jessica said...

Oh I like it!
Ive seen the pride and prejudice book around but I have never been into the story... so I feel lame getting it!

Corinnea said...

LOVE the sign.

The books and shirts are so fun!

jules said...

Thanks for all the great things you make us, have made for us and find for us. You make us feel special! I love you!!

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