Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chalkboard Canvas

 When browsing the hello lidy blog looking for this project, I came across her Chalk Board Canvas DIY. Genius! I know lots of people have done it but I never noticed till I saw her blog (Kristen did one and I guess I never saw the post!). I had bought a huge canvas months and months ago just because I knew I'd use it and it was cheap (9.99 euro) from Aldi (which I had no idea they have these in the states too). So anyway, I saw it, I ordered the chalkboard paint from Hobby Lobby (I didn't know I could order from them!!!! So MANY "I didn't knows" lately!) and painted it. I drew Ava's frame and let her draw inside it and Emily drew her own frame and then drew inside it. They used Chalk pens.
Emily's side (above)
Ava's side (above).  

 Above is a Koji made from the Wee Wonderfuls book. I Shrunk it down when I printed the pattern pieces hoping I could put it on the Christmas tree (I made it back in November) but it's not really small enough and I Frankenstein sewed it. I want to make another one but smaller and of course sewn better:) 

Emily and the sun that lasted only a minute or so. We still have snow on the ground and it's....MARCH! 
This child will be the death of me. Heart attack is Jon's prediction. She wrote all over her leg, stomach, neck and face with a pen and in this picture she circled her booboo that she won't stop picking at. This thing is never going to heal. I keep telling her her leg is going to fall off if she keeps opening up the scab. I tell her all sorts of things to discourage her from everything she does but it doesn't matter!! She cut her hair again. This time she cut half of her bangs off. So "party on one side, business on the other". She wears me out and makes me want to drink. I had not been around kids much before my own and I had no idea they could be born with so much personality. From the beginning she has been testing me! She ate her own poop right before I birthed her for goodness sake (Meconium Aspiration)!I have a cautious child and a crazy child. Heaven help me:)


Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

Very cool chalkboard canvas! Becareful where you sit... there's a crocodile on your chair. *snicker* ;)

Oh poor-poor mommy! I think Emily has an incredibly strong spirit. I so feel your pain! Hang in there Jen!!!

Kelly's Korner said...

OMG Bwahahaha!!! That last bit about the poo! The canvas is way cool. Can they erase it and draw again or will it flex the canvas too much? I love everything you make!

kristin said...

Oh yay, you made one! So cool - love the crispness of the chalk pens. I made ours before I blogged, but showed it a little in my bedroom tour post. Also, maybe mullet bangs are the newest fad. You just don't know because you're sooooo ooooooold. :P

Jennifer said...

Kristin, that made me laugh out loud! Thank you:)

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOVE the chalkboard canvas!!!! I recently discovered Hobby Lobby online myself - yay!!

LOL, on your girls. I have three kids and each one is so different than the other. Talk about a "box of chocolates"!!!! Hang in there!

Corinnea said...

That's so fun! I love that you have the girls artwork everywhere.

Every time you write about something Ava does I imagine that Bella may do the same thing. They add such spark to our lives!

Jessica said...

You crack me up. I feel the same way about my two. But Micah is a dare devil in his own right. He just doesn't try to push my buttons the way Bella does. Good thing that with all of the frustration and drink inducing behavior there is also all of the laughter and love!

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