Friday, April 27, 2012

Ava's own post

I was thinking these photos of Ava should have their own post even though I like to post crafty stuff along with the kids stuff. But she is just so beautiful and I love these photos. I'm not necessarily tooting my own horn here. If she was ugly the photos wouldn't be awesome. Right? :) I don't know what I'm saying. 
Ava constantly tells me she loves me out of the blue. In the waiting room, in the car, from the other room at home. All random out of the blue I love you's. She probably says it out of the blue 2-3 a day.
* Mary A asked on facebook about the yellow jacket. It's Crew Cuts and was Emily's but I don't think Emily ever wore it. 


Kelly's Korner said...

These are awesome! I know what you're trying to say about "tooting your horn" which cracks me up! The girl is gorgeous and you are a great photographer so it's a win-win!

kristin said...

Oh yeah, she's objectively a beautiful child! Those eyes! And what a sweetie she seems to be. Gotta love the random "I love you's!"

pearlswirl said...

Wow, she is SO BEAUTIFUL! Less like a toddler and more like a little girl. and either way you're tooting your own horn. if she's a pretty girl it's cause you made her that way right?! ;)

That's so awful about someone posting something negative in a comment. People are cowardly and mean when it comes to the internet cause they can say whatever they want without having to take accountability for it, while they would never ever say it to your face! :( :(

Jessica said...

I love these! 3 down looks just like you. Well I think so. She is gorgeous and I love seeing photos of the girls!

Corinnea said...

What Kelly said!
I don't tire of looking at your lovely girls.

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