Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ocean Beach Pier

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Emily & Ava with their Cousin Bird (Jon's niece) and Aunt Jessica (Jon's sister, Bird's mom) at the Ocean Beach Pier.

Below is Bird and her friend Jennifer.

I forgot to post about these little memo pads I had made months and months ago. They are from
I had them made when they were having a $1.99 each including shipping sale. The only crap part is they aren't sticky and I had some made with photos of the girls and if you don't get the transparency just right your photo can be so washed out on the pad that you can barely see it.

I would want it except it looks like a short bus.

Emily the other day on the way to school.

I tried to squeeze in some sewing between cleaning but only got a little done.
I can find time to blog and cruise the Internet though.


Kelly's Korner said...

Aw! Those pics are so cute! Do you remember the v-day card I did with Haven last year? You could do something similar with Em's heart pic. The memo pads are cute! We could just put crafter on the back of our own cars with official looking letters. But something tells me that might not be cool... Our kids are all in school! Even Nikolas! It goes so fast.

Mary H. said...

Love the pics and the header - saw it last time but forgot to say something- and the note pads are very neat! Emily is starting to look so grown up!

Mary A. said...

These pictures are really great. My favorite one is the last one of Emily. She has the sweetest little smile!

jules said...

I love that picture of Emily going to school. She is so cute and sweet!!

insanely crafty said...

Emily looks so grown up!
I love the paper-- I keep meaning to watch that site more for specials and keep forgetting!

Jocelyn said...

As always, great photos! I can't believe how grown up Bird old is she now? She looks like she's about 12. And Miss Emily looks like such a little lady! I love how her hair looks up.

corinnea said...

Love your photos, always.

I want a crafter van!

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