Sunday, September 5, 2010

Words to Live By

"If you choose to ignore it, you do so at your own peril"
A long time ago (back in November 2009 to be precise).I found this sign on etsy for my brother-in-law who is a fire fighter. I bought it and saved it. Then after buying an Ikea frame, Mary A. cut new mats and did it up all pretty.

It's now 10 months later and he has finally opened it!

I want this sign for my own house! It's just so funny and weird. I love how it's "hand weathered" by the artist. It's on very heavy chip-board like paper.

Up next is the "Ode to Frida" picture I took of Emily a few months back. I had it printed on canvas and stretched then framed in a gold frame.
*Thanks Paula for framing it!*


Jenny Bean said...

Thank God! I was going to Karate chop fire today! How did you know? Thanks to the advice of this sign, I now know it is the WRONG thing to do! Thank you so much ;) I like the picture of Emily too. Hope to hear from you soon. Miss you. Jen

Katelyn R. said...

I love both, but especially emily as frida. That's just awesome! Does this mean your home????? or do I still have days of waiting?

Kelly's Korner said...

I love Jenny B's comment! Funny! I love love the pic of Em as Frida. And the gold frame is perfect. I'm wondering about those giant scissors though.... ;P

Love the new header pic! I'm assuming you are enjoying the beach in sunny CA! :)

Jennifer said...

katelyn: no not home yet. next week...
I've been to joann's several times for clothing fabrics and patterns:)

JennyBean: I'm so glad I helped you out. it's a good thing I didn't do what news channels do and say "things to avoid while fighting fires" more on that story later. Love you miss you!

Kelly: the giant scissors are pottery barn from years ago. I have a few sewing themed stuff from them. Oversized ruler (taller than me) oversized scissors and these coat hanger knobs that are spools of thread.

Jessie said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Love it! I now also want a sign to remind my family of the dangers of karate chopping fire.

corinnea said...

Love the artwork! Mary does a great job framing.
Though the karate chopping advice came too late for me, I do appreciate you advising others.

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