Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I never would have thought...

Here is an embroidery project made from tracing one of EMily's drawings.
I'll hang this in my sewing room. Isnt it the cutest??

I never would have thought that I'd wear Crocs. NEVER. I think the original ones are...less than attractive. Hannah came in wearing the style below (the one with cut-outs) and I was shocked that they were Crocs.

I think these are soooooo stinkn cute!
Jenny B and I are going to London this Saturday and I needed shoes that are cute and comfortable (I sound old..). We're going to London by ourselves! No husbands or kids!

I got them on and they came super fast (within a week).

I don't know what is wrong with blogger but the spell check is not working at all. It did this the last post too. So try if you, can to over look them. Some people will have a hard time keeping the typos/spelling mistakes to themselves ...but try:)

Emily sandwhich. This is what happens when you sit still for even a second.
Yes those are maternity shorts i'm wearing. They have to be the most comfortable shorts ever! I only wear them inside though:)

I like butterfly's not butterflies:)


corinnea said...

OHHH that embroidery is so cute!!!

No WAY those can't be crocs. Crocs are UGLY. Those are cute, very cute. So, they can't be Crocs.

Have TONS of fun in London!

I think blogger spells stuff wrong on purpose.

I like butterfly's, I really do. I say I don't but I do. OK???

insanely crafty said...

The embroidery is SOOOO cute! Love it! It would be cool if you collected a bunch over time and made a quilt out of all of them.
I had written off crocs but a girl at work came in the some cute ones on too so I was thinking about checking them out again now that you have shown those I might be sold! I hear they are VERY comfortable!
Have a blast in London...totally jealous over here!

Nadine said...

Okay, those are cuter than the normal Crocs, BUT I'm still not sure I could do plastic shoes. Don't your feet sweat and feel funny inside?

Love the embroidery!

Norma's Nonsense said...

Jennifer, Jennifer....The embroidery...perfect, what a great idea,love it! The Crocs..I have a pair to use in my yard, they are soooo comfortable, I love them,just wash them off with the hose and they are ready for the next yard work day. But,they should be only worn at home. The ones you got!!!! So stinky cute and if they are as comfortable as my yard ones, so cool. Yes, it's Butterflys!! I will never spell it with a ies again!!!! And enywon zking my spellin'? whatever!

pearlswirl said...

I just walked downtown all over with mine and i looove them! i like this teamwork shoe thing...

sasha said...

ok, where to start? Who gives a flip about spelling! It' a GREAT post! I LOVE the idea of embroidering kiddos drawings! I have so many that are so cool, but papers just pile up too quickly! :) That one is super cute. The shoes are A-dorable! I've always been very anti-croc for adults, but they've got some cute ones now! I'd love to hear how they feel, after wearing them for some time (pain? sweat? let us know, 'cause I'm sure interested!!) Have a FABULOUS time in London! Three cheers for a weekend with no kids, and no cares! umm, I think I got it all covered. Again, GREAT post! As usual :)

KD Designs said...

I must not be as smart as I think I am because I completely gloss over spelling, punctuation, grammar... the lot. I gotta admit, those shoes were comfortable, and cute. But the sweat factor still has me less than convinced. Tell me after a day of walking around London.

I LOVE the embroidery! And the Emily sandwich. Ava was so cute today, even when she was screaming at me!

Ok, the song playing now is "David Duchovney, why don't you love me." Is that REALLY what it's saying or am I imagining things?

Wow! This may be my longest comment ever!!!

Adie said...

I never, ever, in my wildest dreams, thought that I would like a pair of crocs. But now, not only do I like them, I think I have to have them! And I don't think they'd get too stinky/sweaty with the cut-outs... Where did you ladies get yours?

And embroidering Emily's drawing... genius! it looks fantastic, and it's a super cute way to immortalize her art. I want you to know that I am totally going to copy you, just as soon as Elora gets old enough to start producing her own art.

Mary said...

Alright, I have to agree. The shoes are very very cute. They're almost as cute as the picture of you and the girls.

Mary H. said...

It's been a while since I've seen your page. Had lots to look at! :) The preserved butterfly frame is such a good idea(I had no idea you could do that to fabric)and so are the decorated pegs.
The picture of the Emily sandwich is priceless- Ava makes so pretty funny faces too. And I bet Emily talks about her art work, now stitch work, hanging on the wall all the time. :)
Also- I'm a horrible person for doing this, but I had to be a follower this time and just put in an order for those crocs. Don't tell brandon. LOL
But thanks for letting me know the ppl who make those horrific shoes are slowly gaining some style. ;) I'm sure my feet will thank you later!
BTW- Enjoy time away from the family and your vaca to London! You deserve it!

My military man and me plus 3. said...

My mom is an embroidery a-holic, I think this would be an awesome grandparents day gift for her! Yours turned out so good, I love it! The crocs are very cute. I saw that style in Hawaii and loved it too! They look very cute on you and I can not wait to see the picture from your fun girls trip!! Have a blast!

Jocelyn said...

I think it's hilarious that you owe a pair of Crocs now. I remember a couple of years ago you sent a link to an article about how stupid/ugly/lame Crocs were and I didn't respond because at the time, I was wearing the very same ones you just bought. They're pretty darn comfortable, aren't they?

Jenny P. said...

Jocelyn: I remember that article and wish I still had it! I'd post it. It was SO funny and true...OF THE ONES THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT which was specifically the bright clown style ones.They never mentioned these beauties I have now! Who knew they existed?? Were they keeping them a secret? I wish you had showed me yours. We are SUPER sheltered over here regarding these shoes. I've never seen them in a German store (only the typical bright clown style).

Mary H: did you order yours yet?? Nothing wrong with "following". I got the idea from Hannah and Hannah had to have seen them somewhere...:)

Kelly: yes what you heard is correct! Ahhhh David Duchovny....

And to answer the sweating question: they do not make my feet sweat any more than normal flats (ballerina flats, sling backs, slip-ons, etc.)The good things is that if they do sweat, I can rinse them out and the sweat is gone. Can't do that with leather or fake leather shoes. The sling back ones with the holes are more comfortable than the Mary Jane's ones right now.

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