Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rumpled Turtle ( and longest post ever!)

More rumpled quilt skin patterns here.

Here's my version of the Rumpled Turtle out of Corduroy. He's filled with plastic pellets so he feels like a bean bag. He's super soft too.

The hexigon?octagon? pieces were hard to sew together but everything else was fine. It took a while to complete because there are so many steps and pieces.

I'm in love with him (he's actually even cuter in person! The photos don't do him justice). Hopefully we'll get more patterns for the store and I can put him on display.

Look at this book! I have it coming to me in the mail. I'm sooo excited! It's from the creators of the Melly & Me patterns.

I want to make the mushroom back pack and the unicorn to start! I have a lot of craft books bought with high hopes but most seem to dissapoint. They will have one or two projects that are new and different. But the rest will be aprons, or table cloths, etc. patterns I already have. But from the collage below it looks like it has many good patterns. I'll post about it when it comes in.

Below are miscellanous pictures of the Emily and Ava.

*blogger spell check is still not working. Anyone else having this problem?

How fitting that I post about a rumpled turtle when I just got some news about a rumpled kitty. My sister just emailed that her kitty Alfie had to be put to sleep yesterday. Alfie used to be our kitty along with his sister, Darla. We found Darla and Alfalfa in (I think) 1993 or 94 when they were just kittens not even weaned. We had to bottle feed them and "show" them how to use the litter box. We loved those two like it was going out of style:) Then we found out we were moving to Germany and we weren't sure if we should or could move with 4 cats (we also had Mau Mau and Piggy aka Pig Blossom). My sister's kitty Murphy had just passed away unexpectedly (heart attack while at the groomers) and she was devastated. She had always joked that she was going to smuggle Alfie home in her suitcase when ever she visited. So it clicked that Julia should have Alfie and one other...
Long story short (the story involves driving to sacramento from San Diego with two kittes and returning later to switch out a kitty that wasn't happy about the move!). So she ended up with Darla and Alfalfa. Darla passed away last year and now Alfie. They were approximatly 15-16 years old and truly had it good. While it was super hard to give them to my sister and her husband, it was the right thing to do.
*me with one of Jon's friends.
Pictures of when they were kittens...
We'll miss you Alfie:) aka the Mithter & rumpled kitty.
On a side not: does anyone know want an adult male indoor cat? He's adorable and loves to cuddle (and long walks on the beach). I'm serious actually. We want to give Frank to a loving home. If we happen to find someone that would be great. If not we're keeping him. We're not discarding him becasue we're finished with him:) It's not like we have to get rid of him we just think he'd do better with someone who can give him more attention.


Mary said...

The turtle is soooo cute, love it. I can't wait to see you make the stuff in that book. We should carry that in the shop. As usual, love the pics of the girls. The one with the closet was my favorite =-)

Sorry about you kitty! =-( Just cause the don't live with you anymore doesn't mean you love them less.

Kelly's Korner said...

I looked at the website and it looks like Checker is the only one carrying the patterns. Love the turtle!

You're killing me with the spell check. I didn't even know blogger HAD spell check!!!

Sorry about the kitty. And good luck with Frank. I wish I could give my own kitty more attention. But I can't handle another cat. I already freak out when I can smell the litter box with one cat. (just ask Haven) I think I would be a basketcase with two cats! ;)

TheBlackForrist said...

Oh wow, I really want to make the mushroom AND the robot backpack... I love the pic of the girls standing under their names. And a moment of silence for Alfie... Good luck with Frank(I kinda want to do the same thing with my kitty, find a more attentive owner for her, but Zac would be super sad)

Margaret said...

I threaten to get rid of my cats all the time (and I am serious), but I really think I would be in trouble with Brandon if he came home to no kitties. But, I can still dream...

The turtle is the cutest thing ever!!! And especially made out of the courduroy.

lizy said...

Sorry about the kiddy:( Love the turtle very very much. Is there anything that you can't do? The pictures of the girls are very cute. I can't wait for you to get your new patterns to see all your new projects. Do you sleep?;)

Katelyn R. said...

that turtle is adorable. and i want to see that book when you get it! Sorry about Alfie, and i hope something good happens for Frank.

Jocelyn said...

Great job on the turtle. It's super cute. I love it!

I am so sorry to hear about poor, sweet Alfie. I loved him and his sister too. I have a picture of him, Darla and Mau Mau flanking me while I was lying on your bed. He was a good boy. I saw that Julia posted something about it on her FB page, so I sent her a short message.
If you go back to the states, will you take Frank w/ you? Is he still beating Piggy up?

Mary H. said...

So sorry to hear about your cats :( I hope you find someone who'll be great with Frank, too. I'd take him if I didn't already have 2 dogs!

The spaghetti strap fish shirt is so pretty as well as the corduroy turtle! The backpacks looks so cute too. I bet you can't wait to start on them, and I'm sure they'll look awesome once you do.

Nice pictures of the girls! And I've witnessed Ava's dance, or twirl, before and thought it was so funny I had Emily twirl with her. lol

Good plane pic!
And is it just me, or do you and Corinnea look a lot alike? If I didn't know any better, I'd think the pic of you and the old man in the top hat in London (can't remember what you said he was) looked like it was actually Corinnea when she had longer hair.

Jenny P. said...

Thanks everyone for the Alfie love:)

Joceyln: Like I said in the post, we won't get rid of him if no one else wants him. If someone (and we wouldn't hand him over to just anyone!) wants him then great but if not then we're keeping him. He is starting to use my newly recovered couch as a scratching post and he still beats piggy up. we have one cat that lives out with us and one that suffers from domestic abuse and lives under the bed.He's a really really good cat otherwise!

Mary H.: I have never thought about me and Corinnea loking alike but now that you say it..that photo does look like could be her. I did think that photo looked like someone else! Wierd!

Kara: I'll hook you up with the backpacks:)

And Kelly: the spell check really bothers me that anyone could read my blog and think I'm a moron. That I don't take the time to at least click the spell check button. Grammer errors and punctuation will always be bad but the spelling can be fixed easily but it's not working at all! I don't think other people are morons when they have spelling/typo erros but I have had people comment and they weren't nice about it. They were a little smug actually..anyway, I will try and not mention it again but...I can't garuntee that:)

Long post...long commment..

corinnea said...

Condolences on your sweet kitty. It is so hard.
Mary H. what a compliment to say I look like Jennifer. Since she is one of the loveliest people I know.
Jennifer, Tri knot two bee sew up tite aboat spelling.
Love the turtle!!!!!

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