Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How far will you go?

We had photos done with Uka out at Robinson Barracks Sunday. When we made our appointment a week ago, she told me we were the only ones who had responded to the Spring Time Photo special advertised in the First Choice Magazine. The special was $25 for the sitting fee and 3 prints. Who can beat that? Well, maybe someone can (I really don't know, I haven't researched it) but it's Uka taking photos! She's so good and she loves kids and you have sitting options (the window sill is always my favorite). She told me people complain that Robinson Barracks is too far! From what? From Patch it's 15-20 minutes with no traffic! But, Uka said, people will go to Mannheim or Ramstien for sneakers or a better choice of DVDs or whatever but they won't drive to RB for photos? Huh? The PX has a photographer right now doing photos (a concessionaire) but they are generic. They're...not Uka. They're blah.
Did you notice how shiny Uka made my hair with the lighting???:)

1 comment:

corinnea said...

You all are so gorgeous!!! Yes, Uka is the best. Why didn't I take advantage????

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