Friday, June 6, 2014

Ode to Cereal

Many many many years ago (i'm guessing about 12-15 years since it was before we moved to Germany) Jon and I had seen this framed cereal art at Z Gallerie. It was about $50. I wanted it baaaaad but for whatever reason we didn't get it. I then thought about it sometime while in Stuttgart (do you remember Katelyn me talking about it and showing you a picture?). I saved the picture and even starting saving the cereal which I still have but then forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago I came across it on pinterest and thought it was a good time to make it.  I made one for my sister-in-laws birthday, one for us and one for my sister:) Above is the one I made for Jessica, my-sister-in-law. She likes color. 

The one I found on pinterest had a link to a print out which made this so much easier.  I made it just like the instructions said on the blog where I found it. I have no idea if ants will find it or if it will hold up but I saved a bunch of extra cereal just in case. 
The one above is for my sister and the one below is for us. I didn't have a huge selection of shadow box frames that were 8x10 to choose from. 
This is the only wall in our kitchen that had room for a picture.
I put it in our living room just to see what it looked like (below).
I love it! It feels so good to finally have done something I wanted to do for years!


Corinnea said...

That's hilarious! I've never seen anyone do this. It's awesome. You crack me up!

Lightning McStitch said...

So funny, and arty! I can't imagine the Australian version as one Weet-Bix would fill most of the frame

Kelly's Korner said...

How funny! That's an awesome project! Very cool that you finally did it after all those years of wanting it! :)

Jessica said...

Its almost midnight and I should be in bed but no I just poured myself a bowl of cereal... thanks a lot -lol

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