Thursday, June 7, 2012

Castles, Dinosaurs and Mickie Mouse

 We went to Garmisch for the weekend and couldn't decide to whether to take the girls to Neuschwanstein or Hohenschwangau castle. I have seen both but my tour of Hohenschwangau was cut short but a gassy 14 month old (or there-abouts) Emily. Jon had only seen Neuschwanstein. We decided on Hohenschwangau because Neuschwanstein was under construction (see left photo? Nice pretty castle. See right photo? Castle under construction!). Hohenschwangau (for those of you that don't know) is the "sister" castle to Neuschwanstein and just down the road from each other. Where Mad King Ludwig's parents lived. Neuschwanstein is the castle that Disney modeled their Cinderella castle after. I'm not even going to look up this info to see if I'm correct so if I'm wrong..just pretend like I know what I'm talking about:) 

And another big deal this past week was picking out and signing for our new house! I'm so in love with this house. It's only attached to one other person so it's a step up from our place now (6 units in our apartment building). It's: 4 story/4 bedroom, garage, fenced backyard, 2.5 bath and the basement has 3 finished rooms for laundry and one will be a playroom! My sewing room will be the master bedroom (it's about 14ft by18ft) which is on the top floor. We move in about two weeks. I can't sit still I'm so excited!
Just a random: a dinosaur planter for Jon's sister. This is Tina. I also got her Tanya (a t-rex). Since we are over here and couldn't help take care of Jon's mom, I had asked his sister can I give her money for groceries or whatever and she told me to just send her something fun every once and a while. So I did! It was fun looking for fun stuff every month. I have something coming to her that is just the coolest! When she gets it I'll post it. His mom is gone but I still wanted to get this thing I can't mention for her. This is the etsy shop I got both dino's from. I realize you can make these yourself but I can't send plants from here I don't think (?). 
Another random: Jon's mom's name was Mickie and loved Mickie mouse. So as a tribute to her Jon's sister and niece and some friends got these tattoos. I opted out:) But I LOVE this photo.On the day of the memorial service I ran out and found a 12x12 frame for it and we put it along with other photos of his mom all around the tables.

That's all. I have crafty stuff to show too. But I need to spread things out since we'll be moving and no crafting:)


Kelly's Korner said...

We're going down there this weekend. I have sadly never been to see those castles. Isn't that sad? Cool new house! And cool Dino planters!

pearlswirl said...

Everything is awesome! I'm sure I had heard that thing about the Disney castle too, so with yours and my combined brilliance, we definitely can't be wrong!! :) The tattoos are a really sweet tribute, and the dinosaurs are hilarious! It's nice to read updates from you cause you don't post as often as you used to anymore! I guess you're busy with, like, raising kids and moving or whatever. Lame.

Laura Caballero said...

Jennifer, what a wonderful house! I'm so happy for you, but you didn't say where you are moving to. Are you still in the same area or somewhere else in Germany. Miss seeing you here in Stuttgart. The girls have grown so much and are so beautiful.

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