Wednesday, June 1, 2011


1st let me announce the winner of the passport sleeve!
#1 Sylvia
Thank you Sylvia for stopping by my blog:) I'm happy this will go to a good home.
Send me your address in an email and I'll have this out to you soon!
Thanks everyone else for leaving comments:)
Jenny H: I wish I had my bangs hair sprayed back in my photo! I'm sure you looked female at least. I had my hair all pulled back in a ponytail that you can't see, so it looks like I have very short hair and my name is either Chris or Pat and you're not sure if I'm male or female. I did have a driver's license I LOVED but it expired. I will cherish it forever..
The above tissue holder was the 1st project for my student (she didn't make this one, this is just to show what we did) and the Baby Binky Bunny was her 2nd. That's right, I'm teaching beginning sewing! I'm teaching a teacher actually! I'm teaching Emily's teacher Keeley to sew. She is super excited about sewing, wants to learn and she catches on quick. All things that make a perfect student:) Next she'll be making pj shorts for her baby, Roman.
*I could not find the tutorial for the tissue holder. Darn it! When 1st looking for one I googled pocket tissue holder and found one that had that piece down the front. I ended up making it a tiny bit smaller because the 1st one I made was too big (the 3rd picture down).


sylvia said...

Wow, this is great!!!

I'm looking forward to make my first journey with this passport sleeve in July ;)
Thanks a lot (for your time and love sewing it + for giving it away!)


sunny greetings,

Jessica said...

The doll is funny! That is awesome that you are teaching! People keep asking me and I keep directing them to mom... can you imagine how screwed up they would be if I tried!?

Corinnea said...

Congrats to Sylvia!

I'm so glad you're enjoying teaching! It does help when the student is motivated and shows aptitude... Your project are fun so that must have a lot to do with it!

Mary A. said...

I know from plenty of experience that you are an awesome teacher! Everytime I'm ironing, I think of you and smile =)

Anonymous said...

I think the bunny doll is very cute! I think that any student you have is luckier than you know. Without you, my girls would never have had those wonderful princess outfits that one halloween. LY, JennyBean

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