Monday, August 2, 2010

Trunki Love

What's a Trunki? Check out this video.

I got these for our trip home and trips to come.

I had to include this picture of Frank the Tank becasue I caught him with his tongue out.

Ava got the tiger and Emily got the Gruffalo.

I had to buy the tiger on and the Gruffalo on

You can buy separate inserts (what Emily is holding) that can double as a messenger bag. So when we get on the plane we can pull out the separate insert and put the hard case up top in the overhead bin. Also with the insert, things don't spill out when you open the suitcase.

The girls love these suitcases! I will post after the trip whether I love them! I hope this wasn't a mistake.

They can ride on it buy using their own legs to push them forward or they can be pulled on it. It doesn't flip! They love to "race" on them in the house and pull each other. I'm hoping this keeps them occupied during layover's.

Or they can pull it on their own but I don't see that happening for long.
I have another airplane related thing to post in a day or two.
I just need pictures..


corinnea said...

These are awesome. I think you'll get fun attention too. I never saw one of these until you got them. You guys are going to have fun!!

pearlswirl said...

These are adorable! And less baggage to check in is always a good thing. I think I'm stoopid because I don't see how Ava's is a tiger. It looks like it only has one eye with whiskers coming out of it?? I do love the Gruffalo though. My sister and i were already too old for it when we stumbled on it in a bookstore but my mom bought it anyways 'for the grandbabies'. This was several years ago... sweet or scary?!?!

Mary H. said...

Those are awesome! Man, to be a kid again...
You're right though, they should keep pretty occupied between the trunki's and things you'll be bringing along during your trip for the layovers.

Jocelyn said...

Aw - these are SO cute and such a neat idea. Let me know how they work out!

Kelly's Korner said...

Man o man those things are SO FREAKIN COOL!!!! I saw them ALL OVER the London airport and I kept screaming there's another one! GAH! If only they had those two years ago when Ethan was small enough to have enjoyed it! (Or... if I had KNOWN about them...) The other kids I saw seemed to be enjoying them.

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