Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grand Mal

Let me first say that I'm posting this because someone might have experience with this kind of thing and I welcome advice.

Yesterday we took Emily to the neurologist. The day after her 5th birthday she had a seizure here at home. I didn't witness the start of it it but I did hear her fall and came running. I saw the middle and end of it. It was soooo (add about 50 more O's to that) scary. We got her into see the base Dr.'s and they referred us to a neurologist. A month wen by (before she was seen) and nothing happened. I really did think they'd not find anything when they checked her brain waves. Well I was wrong. They found something. If you look at the graph I've pointed out the "blips". This is seizure stuff for lack of a better word. All the Dr.'s are german and most speak excellent English but it can still get confusing with the way they word stuff so I'm not sure what to call those "blips". brain waves, neurons firing...I don't know. They are not seizures but abnormalities in her brain waves.

Emily was SO good. I'm mean crazy good. She had to sit still for a very long time and close her eyes then open then close then open. that went on for a long time. then she was subjected to a strobe light for a long time (turn off turn on, close eyes open eyes, etc.). She never cried or thrashed or tried to get up but instead did everything the Dr. asked. I was shocked! She was so good, all 5 hours at the hospital that she got a special treat: The Last Unicorn dvd. the 1982 version! Now Ava on the other hand was...less than good. She did good the 1st hour or two but then got tired and crazy!
So Emily is now on medication, will have an MRI next Tuesday and follow up with another EEG and blood tests in October right before we move. Hopefully she'll not have any problems on the 10 hour +5 hour flights going home!

In case your interested, the Dr. thinks she has Focal epilepsy and or Rolandic epilepsy.

Something lighter.....
I took photos of Lisa's 3 beautiful Children the other night.


corinnea said...

I love you guys.

pearlswirl said...

Oh my god, i had no idea about any of this. i am so sorry you're having to go through this, the lucky thing is that German doctors are really good and the technology here is the best it can be, so you're in good hands! She is so cute in the pictures.

Kelly's Korner said...

I'll be praying for her! I'm so glad you saw it and could get her treatment.

I told you you should consider photography!!!

Norma's Nonsense said...

Jennifer, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope that sweet little darling girl gets the best treatment possible. She will definitely be in my thoughts.

Margaret said...

Wow, Jennifer. I am so sorry to hear about Emily. I'm sending happy thoughts and prayers your way. She is such a sweet little girl. The first baby I ever wanted to hold! And she will grow up to be a beautiful young woman!

Your pictures are beautiful! You really have an eye for composition and are amazing with your editing/actions. Or whatever it's called when you change the look of the pics.

mary a. said...

I'm am so sorry about Emily. I think she'll be fine because she has the best mom ever who is going to make sure that she will be alright. I've heard of special diets, I look into it more.

The picutes were beautiful. I'm you biggest fan!


Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments and seperate emails sent. I really appreciate the kind words and feel loved:) This thing upsets me and Jon more than Emily! She doesn't even know what's going on..

and thanks about the pictures. I felt they were kind of boring. Not the kids but the place and lighting, etc. They were run-of-the mill to me but the kids are cute!

d-na said...

there's not much i can say. my dad was diagnosed with a neurological disorder before i was born; and, he lived a wonderfully productive life. yes, there were some hard times; but, i can't believe that they were more unbearable than what we all go thru at times. i wish only the best for emily; and, know that you will find the strength to support her.

Mary H. said...

Sorry I haven't been on here in a while and didn't know anything about Emily prior to reading this post just now. So sorry to hear about her and hope she continues to do well!
Also, the pictures are really cute of the kids. :)

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