Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's on!

Christmas is SO on in our house! I already put up the tree last weekend and have been decorating all week here and there. I usually wait till this weekend but for some reason this year I'm so excited about Christmas! Much more so than usual. I'm thinking it's because Emily "gets" Christmas a little more now and it will be Ava's 1st Christmas:)
So here's my white tree (does this look familiar Dara?) with my favorite decorations on it. We have to go small with the tree this year because Ava is crawling and cruising the furniture but hopefully next year we can go back to a large one. When Corinnea and I were at the mail room yesterday, some guy was picking up a pink Christmas tree!! I think I want one! But I'm sure Jon would cringe.
I got this tree skirt from Anthropologie about 4 years ago. It's reverse is this weird minty/baby blue with whitish polka dots on it. It's so cute!

Here are two presents we got Emily for Christmas. Felt Schnitzel from HABA and a hamburger meal from PBK. I also found this person on eBay that makes and sells felt food patterns! I found this store that has a good selection of the HABA stuff and they have a DONER KEBAB play food set!!

I just got the white clock for Emily and Ava's room. I got several PBK gift certificates for my birthday so I was able to get one of these for now (the white and pink one) and will have to wait till after Christmas for the other one so each girl can have one. It is SO adorable in person and the bird comes out and cuckoos!


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Kelly's Korner said...

ALL that stuff is SOOOO cool! I love the nom (why do they call it nom instead of gnome?) on top of the tree! That felt food is SOOOO cute!!!!! I wish my kids would be interested in that kind of stuff. And the clock is cool too. May have to look into that one.... :)

Did you pick up your present from the shop? Sorry I didn't have time to bring it to you!

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