Thursday, November 13, 2008


Isn't he cute? Emily was so stressed out that someone took a bite out of him. She wanted me to "put it back". I had to distract her because she was getting hysterical. I got the free pattern from here about a year ago. I'm on a mission to make a bunch of stuff I've been wanting to make but haven't. Next Friday (the 21st) I'll be at QTYW and I'll be making a swing set top for Keara. And in between making these little projects, I'll be finishing the girls Sophia bags (see picture below Emily).
"She's a maniac, maniac on the floor. And she's dancing like she's never danced before..." (from the movie Flash Dance for those too young to know that song!). Emily loves her legwarmers! I had to show them because they make me think of 6Th grade camp..did anyone else wear them way back when they were 1st popular?

Here's a glimpse at the two Sophia bags I'm working on. The zipper pulls are from J. Crew (crewcuts). They were necklaces/lanyards but I cut them down.

I have to show Ava's sock fetish. If you look at the promotion pictures she's got a sock in her hand there too. She carried it all the way from home to the field. This too stresses out Emily. Especially if it's her sock!


Kelly's Korner said...

OOH! Not the gum drop buttons! Oh he's soooo cute!!! I know the song but was a little young for the leg warmers. THANK GOD btw. But Emily wears them well! I love that she gets histerical over the funniest things! I can just see her freaking out over the gingerbread man and it's so funny!!! Your kids are so much like my kids! (Just in a quieter way!)

corinnea said...

LOVE the ginger bread man!!!!!!! Poor Emily, for a girl who has such a great sense of humor, she can be so serious.....

Your header is great.

Funny thing, never wore the leg warmers. Think they made my legs look shorter.... hmmmm should I try them this time around??? ha ha ha

Of course, what is not to love about Ava and her sock fetish.

TheBlackForrist said...

HAhahaha, Emily's so funny... you had to finish it without her seeing, that's even better! The Sophia bags in the print are going to be awesome! and the sock fetish is funny, but Emily stressing about it makes it so much funnier! hahaha, you'r kids make me laugh!

btw, I LOVE the house, the writing is really cute! ...and I put our Halloween photos up just for you =)

Mary said...

I forgot to tell you yesterday how much I loved this guy. Nicolas would react the same way as Emily, and I would be dieing of laughter. I know I'm cruel. I think that's one of the cutest ornaments I've ever seen.

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