Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For others

A mini for Kelly (she requested it). See, I can think of other people! It's made in miniature from a book we have at the store-can't remember what it's called and too lazy to get up and look. The original is supposed to be wall hanging size.

I got wall letters for Emily and Ava and for Madison and Sierra's birthday's (Jenny B's daughters). These are from Pottery Barn Teen. They're huge!
This is for whoever I was telling that I like Emily and Ava's initials all over their room. I maybe have gone over board...there are more than in this picture..


Kelly's Korner said...

Ok, first off OMG the mini is so flippin awesome!!! I think it might now be my favorite in my collection! I am sooooo lucky! I've gotten TWO Jennifer minis this month!!!

Second, that huge letter is AWESOME! I love how you decorated it!

And lastly, that pic of the room is so cute! I think you haven't gone too overboard. Maybe wallpaper would be taking it too far. I love Emily's little plate on the wall!

corinnea said...

The mini is awesome!

The letters are not overboard. I really like the girls room. Those big letters are....darn can't use awesome again cause that would be Kelly and I going overboard..... outstanding!!!!! I love your style.

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