Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Handmade ornaments and decorations

More Christmas decorations! For these I used a jar from Target, trees and bear from Michaels and little pine cones from outside. Everything is super glued to the lid.
For these above and below, I got these super cute small cake stands with lids from Michaels (they have a couple different sizes and are in with the miniature furniture and accessories--at least at my nearest Michaels). I used the Glitter snow as glue on the bottom and stuck everything in when it was wet. I then super glued the lid on. Below is the other side.

Below is the same thing but a lot smaller. The stump with squirrels is from Michaels. 
This little tiny ornament is also from Michaels. The bottom comes off and you can put things in it. It comes in two shapes and is very delicate! I broke 3!
Below is the same as the one with the stump in it. Everything from Michaels.
These would make super cute and easy gifts!


Corinnea said...

I love them all! I was thinking about trying some like it but got sidetracked.

kristin said...

so cuuuuuute! love your decorations. nailing it.

Kelly's Korner said...

Everything is cuter in mini!

Jessica said...

The deers are from michaels? I seem to always miss these things when they come out.
They are super cute! Your christmas decorations are always so fun.

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