Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fabric Covered Wire Letters

Did you see Jessica's Letter Coat Rack post?? Adorable! and So doable! I had seen the original inspiration posts (here and here) but it didn't click that I needed to make this until she posted her versions. I made it thinking I'd put it in my entryway but then decided to move it to my sewing room which I now don't like.. what do you think? Above is my entry and below is one half of my sewing room. I think I don't like it in the sewing room because of that STUPID sloped ceiling that I can't do anything with!!!

What I did to make them:
2. I used 4.5 hangers for parrishpaltz
3. I used 3.5 for schlampe (couple photos down)
4. I used the green fabric two photos down for parrishpaltz by cutting about 8-9 strips each about 1/2" to 3/4" wide by width of fabric leaving the edges raw so they frayed while wrapping.
5. I used a green and white diagonal stripe from the Tasha Noel little red riding hood line for Schlampe BUT I cut the stripes to be about 1" and ironed the edged in on both long sides so when I wrapped the threads it did not unravel as they did on the parrishplatz. 

 When I made my letters I made it so it can be taken apart for storage.
Parrishplatz is 4 pieces and they just hook together 
(see the Z? It hooks to the T at the base of the T.  It hooks together like this: parris-hp-lat-z)
To start wrapping I took the strip, folded the end in and hot glued. Then wrapped a few inches then hot glued. Some places needed more glue than others. I had no idea what I was doing so I just guessed. I had NEVER bent metal before so I had to spell the word out in WORD in a font that looked doable in metal. I had trouble with the A and the S.
Schlampe is a German word ......

Below is the shark bust I made months and months ago. I bought a wooden plaque to put it on but I can't decide the color for the plaque so for now it's on a large spool hanging on a nail. The pattern is this shark pattern from etsy
And below are foamy stars I bought at Pottery Barn Kids (on clearance for about $5) way back when Emily was an only child. I for some reason thought this whole time they were glow in the dark but they're not! I never put them up before. When I got them out and discovered they weren't glow in the dark I thought they might look good covered in favorite fabrics for my sewing room but I DO NOT like them!!!! I wasted my precious heather Ross fabrics. Boo. They don't pop and they look boyish. 


Oh Sew Liz said...

I think they might pop on a darker surface. :)

Kelly's Korner said...

So much awesome! Ok, the wire words. I think it looks better in the entry way. I also hate sloped ceilings and I'm tired out of my mind of living in houses with them. Everytime I bump my head I want to scream obscenities. The shark is awesome!!! My plaque suggestions are either to make it look like he his jumping out of waves or breaking through a porthole. (I really want an octopus leg breaking through a porthole.) and the stars... Maybe have them farther apart? Or maybe the other comment about a dark background. I don't know... I still think they are cute.

Queenie Jeannie said...

It all looks wonderful!!! Great, great job!

Jocelyn Clarin Richards said...

I like it in the entry. (That's what she said) I see a Schlampe, and her toes happen to be in that photo!!! :)

Jessica said...

I'm so behind on reading blogs! I love how they turned out! Definitely like it better in the entry way.
Oh the shark turned out great! I like him without a plaque!
I think the stars are just blending much into the wall... And maybe hang them different?
I hate decorating on white/beige walls... After my dark walls I just feel like everything disappears.

byRaquel said...

I loved your blog and its work, visit me. Hugs

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