Thursday, July 28, 2011


Emily is now 6!!
We had a birthday party and for the 1st time we were able to have my parents and sister at one of the girls birthday's.
She opened presents
The adults put on their mustaches
My dad scaring children with the pinata on  his head after it was beat to death and relieved of it's contents
We had the best cake!
Half chocolate/half vanilla with half peanut butter frosting and half butter cream/cream cheese frosting.
The kids played in the bouncy castle
And we ate bad-for-you-food
Aunt Jula (what Ava calls her)
Emily beautiful even with a mustache. I wish I could say the same for myself:)
Me and Ava

Singing Happy Birthday to Emily
Having fun in the bouncy castle before the party


Anonymous said...

very very cute! Someone looks like she made out like a bandit with all the presents :) Wish we could have been there too! Jen

Corinnea said...

Oh, I can't believe she's six! It looks like such a fun day, so glad you got to have family there! LOVE the bouncy castle, the cake, the stashes, the girls and everything!

You look marvelous BTW!

Jessica said...

Oh fun! Love her hat! Mustaches rock!

Norma's Nonsense said...

She is already 6!!! What a fun party you all had for her. She just gets cuter and cuter.

Kelly's Korner said...

I'm boo hooing over here! I remember when you thought you would never have kids. Now Em is SIX! I miss my girls! Happy Birthday Emily! That birthday hat is so pretty!

Heather said...

wow! so fun! you guys had a sweet party. love the bday girl hat... and i love her layered bangs. hope you're all having a fun summer. happy birthday!

lizy said...

SIX!!!! Oh where has the time gone.... So glad you guys are having fun. The girls look beautiful as always. LOVE the first picture of Emy with her party/princess hat (you are very creative) she looks so grown up and gorgeous ;)

Adrienne said...

Holy cow, that's crazy! She was 2 when I met you guys! Your girls are both getting to be so big, and are so beautiful. Happy birthday to miss Emily. :)

Aunt Jula said...

I'm so so happy to have been there! The pics are great! I miss you and the girls sooooooo much!

I want the recipe for the butter/cream cheese icing for Steve's birthday.

The videographer's singing was waaay off-key . . .

Vicky said...

Happy birthday Emily.
Great moustaches!

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