Saturday, July 3, 2010

T-shirt re-do

I am so proud of myself! I refashioned a mans boxy t-shirt. And I love it!
I did it to Mary and Katelyn's shirts too.

Tomorrow, me and some coworkers have to work the 4th of July event and where these t-shirts. I cannot wear a mans t-shirt anymore. Just can't do it. I fell yucky in them. i don't' care when others wear them it's just i can't wear them. It's a neck thing and a big boxy unflattering thing for me. I can't even do it at the gym. I think I just got used to boat neck or v-neck.

So back to the shirt! I will post a tutorial soon on how to do this. It was super easy and fast. It's based off one of the 30 or so shirts I already have in this style! I love me some puff sleeves:) I'm thinking of doing it to some plain t-shirts that I won't wear anymore for the reasons stated above.

The neck band is/was the sleeve bands. I used clear elastic on my sleeves but used plain white 1/4" elastic on Mary and Katelyn's

Random picture of Avy.
Katelyn and I are thinking of starting a swap on Flickr. The swap would be things we've made but don't want but can't sell, don't want to just give it away. For instance, I have many bags/purses I made just to make. I don't use them but I don't want to just give them away since a lot of hard work went into it. I have made clothing for the girls mostly for a shop sample and now don't want it. I'm not allowed to sell Oliver + S stuff I make because I didn't buy the license so I cant sell it to get rid of it. So maybe if we can get others to post pictures of things they have made and want to swap...what do you think? good idea? Bad idea?


corinnea said...

Your top re-do is fantastic!!!

The swap idea is a clever one! Go for it!

Katelyn R. said...

Yay! I love my shirt! I'm washing it as I type!!! I'm sorta excited for the event now since I get to wear my awesome refashioned shirt made by Jennifer! Sorry about all you other people who have to wear the not so pretty ones...

Kelly's Korner said...

Big huge pouty face and I think I'll stomp my foot! I didn't know! I want one! Waaaaaaaaaaa! It's really super cool and I am going to be freakishly jealous of you all but happy to know such clever people.

Yes, do a swap! It's an awesome idea! I don't have anything to swap.... but if I ever do I'll join you! :)

Mary A. said...

I LOVE my shirt! Thanks sooo much!

I think the swap idea is great!

Love the pic of Ava!

Mary H. said...

Cute shirt! I would've never known you made that from a man's shirt. And that's awesome how you took the arm bands and sewed them to the top for extra detail. Love the designs and colors you used also! Have fun at the 4th of July celebration!
The pic of Ava is sooo cute, she's getting so big!
And the swap idea sounds great- i wish i could join in! I know there's some good stuff there. :P

lizy said...

So cute!! You guys are going to look stylish :) I don't like t-shirts either they are ugly, hot, and very unflattering. So I had to re-do mines also when I got it (not as cute as your though)....I am all for the swap even thought I don't have anything right now to give away. It's a very good idea;)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the shirt and I HATE men's shirts now too. I too feel yucky in them. I like to feel more feminine even though I don't think I am a girly girl. I get it.

Love you,


yomomma said...

Very, very happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Super cute t-shirt! Lots of lovely things you've made...feeling the need to pull out my sewing machine and get stiching again. Thanks for the inspiration!

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