Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A winner and a 2+2 Blouse

Today is two years of blogging!

2 years that have seriously changed my life. I love having a blog to show off my crafts and get feed back and occasionally inspire someone like I'm inspired by all the blogs out there. And my blog is a place to show off my two girls to my family back in the states. Only my parents have met Ava in person and she's 2!

So thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments:) I feel loved.

Want to know who won the most adorable polka-dotted bag?

If I tell you, you still have to scroll down and look at the new shirt I made Emily.

The winner is....#8 Kara,

the other girl with long monkey arms!! yay! I don't have to mail this to her! I mean..thanks everyone for commenting! I will have another giveaway sometime in the future..

now look at the pictures I posted even if you didn't win:)

*I used for the number choosing*

Another 2+2 Blouse for Emily. Fabric is Lecien, Folklore and Robert Kaufman gingham.

It's a size 6 and way to big for her but still so stinkin cute! She can wear it next year.

Completely copied from this flickr-er.

2 random blurry photos of Ava and Emily.

Jon calls her Heath when she looks like this (the hair and that's Heath Ledger I'm talking about and I had a hard time finding a photo of his bad hair!)

You know, I was against blogs a long time ago. Stupid reasons that I won't go in to. But then sometime in the summer/fall of 2007 I discovered the Black Apple, Wee Wonderfuls and Angry Chicken blogs (just to name a few who caught my eye back then). I was blown away. Seriously. I have been sewing forever and all this time I have felt alone with the sewing. I didn't know to many people my age who sewed. It wasn't cool. The Fabric store I worked at in the States for so many years had only a few young people. And yes I work at a craft store here in Germany and yes there are young people but it wasn't until we moved to our new location that the sewing part of the store took off. At the other location it was old lady quilting for the most part:) Am I right girls I used to work with??
So anyway, I'm so happy I'm not alone. Thanks everyone:)


KD Designs said...

Congrats Kara! You stinker! I mean lucky lady! :)

So you know you don't have to make us look at Emily... we don't need an excuse! But if you're really worried, put the winner at the bottom of the post! HAHA!

That shirt is awesome! I love the fabric. I don't think it was "old lady quilting." I mean there was me and Heidi and we were always using the Asian stuff. But yes, there was a TON of civil war and thimbleberries and stuff. But everyone has a different style. But I do agree that since we've been here sewing has become way cool. You know it's all because of you right?! You and Corinnea brought us Amy Butler and life has never been the same! YOUR purses started it ALL!

And that is why you may NEVER LEAVE! :) Love you!!!

Teresa said...

Love the print in the shirt for Emily!

I enjoyed being part of my first online give-away. My mom and I will definitely try again next time!

I look forward to seeing your blog for years and years.


corinnea said...

Congrats Kara! Listen, if it's not in your box when you , finally come into work to get it, I did NOT take it. Really. Even though it stared at me all day today.

I LOVE the newest top!!

I also LOVE looking at your girls.

That photo of Ava made me laugh. I really do think there is a Heath Ledger photo out there that is this exact pose and expression. Emily and her are gorgeous no matter what hair style they're sporting for the day....

Old lady sewing?? Maybe just fuddy duddy. LOL. Kidding. I like what we've got goin on now and I love your blog.

Mary H. said...

Cute top and pictures of the girls! (I can definitely see Heath in the pic of Ava, hehehe.)
Congrats to Kara for winning the bag!

d-na said...

as you were inspired by other blogs; i am inspired by yours. it is the first one i look at when i finally get on the computer. thanks you for the fun!

Mary A. said...

I'm so happy you started a blog and then got others to begin blogging. Checking all the blogs in the morning is my favorite thing to do. Thank you soooo much for your blogging.

PS: LOOOVE the shirt =)

TheBlackForrist said...

I ALWAYS look forward to your blog, it's one of the reasons I started sewing again, and want to sew more =] I will come get the bag wednesday, I'm super stoked, though I could have used it this weekend, we went away for four days to Garmisch... oh, right, and I seriously love the shirt, the fabric is super.

Jules said...

I totally see Heath Ledger hair - especially when he was in "10 Things I Hate About You". What a cute blouse!!

Happy Blogversary - I enjoy reading it and looking at all the wonderful pictures and cool things you make. I'm so proud of you :)

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