Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crafty Gifts

Wall stickers from Mary H. for Emily and Ava. These things are sooo cool!
Thank you Mary H., Emily LOVES them:)
And Ava is trying to peel them off when I'm not looking..
The brand is Home Stickers,
Mary A.: aren't these the same ones you got Nicolas at DEPOT?

A ceramic dinosaur that Emily received (blank and ready to paint and decorate) for her birthday from Mary A. She had been begging me everyday since the 18Th to paint I finally let her. Really really cool idea!
Thanks Mary:)

Emily and Ava received these crocheted beauties
from my Aunt Karen's niece, Tina.
A mermaid..she has coral and other really cool stuff on her.

Sumo Pigs. These are ADORABLE!

Some mushrooms with "lids". And in each one is 2 tiny hamsters! I can't believe the detail. This is really making me want to learn to crochet. I'm assuming this is crochet and not knitting... anyone? Thank you Aunt Karen and thank you to your niece!

I am in the process of finishing a quilt top! So hopefully I'll be back next post with the top finished and ready to be quilted.

A video of Ava at Jon's Chief's house last Saturday.


Mary H. said...

The stickers look very cute w/ their names on the closet.
And it looks like Emily went to town on that dinosaur! What an imagination! I actually finally made it in to the craft store to paint a napkin holder to go w/ my dinner set. Can't wait till it's ready to take home!
It's really hard to believe someone actually made those dolls!
I still laugh at the tiny pigtails Ava had in her hair at the party last sat. lol I think she should continue to wear her hair like that. :)

Mary said...

Those are the same stickers, I like the way you arranged the them.

Wow, Emily did a great job with the dinosaur! I'm glad she had fun with it. Nicolas still only cares about the spider in his monster, he screams every time!

That video of Ava is too funny. I love her hair like that to. Very Cute!!!!

corinnea said...

Cute stuff!! The crocheted things are amazing. Ava on the trampoline cracked me up.

Adie said...

Looks like crocheting to me. Those tiny hamsters are ADORABLE! You should submit them to . I love that website. :)

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