Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Embroidery and Burp Cloths

Embroidery from Wee Wonderfuls
Hilary Lang designs these embroidery pattern cards herself.

If you like her stuff, we sell her bear, robot, bunny & cat sewing patterns at the store (Patch Multi Crafts). her embroidery cards are only for sale on her website though.

This is my most favorite kind of needle work. I would call this type of embroidery Modern Red Work (it's SO not your grandmas embroidery!). It's easy and you can be very creative.

And this is how creative you can be:

I took artwork from, traced it with a water soluble pen and embroidered. One reason I love doing this is you can do it while watching TV or in the hospital (every time I was hospitalized during my pregnancies I brought my embroidery to pass the time) or in the car if it doesn't make you sick!

Something I will be working on soon: more bibs, aprons, bags, baby t-shirts and burp cloths to sell in the store.
Skull and Cross Bone flannel for burp cloths


corinnea said...

Got a pattern from wee wonderfuls. Pointy Kitty. She is almost done and I like her! Told you that I get inspired when I read your posts!

Jenny P. said...

would it be creepy to tell you I love you?? he he he;)

corinnea said...

Not creepy, not creepy at you too?

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