Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teacher Gift: Make your own banner

Have you seen these make your own banner kits? They are so cool! I thought they were only available in Australia so I started to make my own. Then I thought, these would make AWESOME teacher gifts! You can have them say ANYTHING and they can easily changed because it's held together with brads. SO I started planning and noticed this was going to add up price-wise. I looked some more on online and's not so hard to buy online. Duh. I just never searched for another brand. I have bought but not received yet, this brand from amazon and will give this to Emily and Ava's teacher as an end-of-the-year gift. I will still make my own because I can make it in the colors I want and size I want. The "I like big books..." banner is only about 2" tall where-as the others are about 5" tall. 

Meow is the Time was made for my niece Bird. Above is my girls room but it doesn't live there anymore.

I gave the Stay Gold one to Jessica (my sister-in-law) because after I made it she reminded me her boyfriend has that tattooed on his knuckles! Duh! I loved loved loved The Outsiders book when I was younger and "Stay Gold, Pony Boy" is a very well known line from the book/movie.

The above one is for my friend Jenny B in Japan. She's a teacher over there and I thought this would be awesome in her classroom. She LOVES to read and of course can appreciate that this is a play on the song by Sir Mix-a-lot called I LIKE BIG BUTTS. Thank you whoever thought up the above saying (got that on pinterest).
Below I have made available to you the alphabet pre tabbed! I've never done this before so I have no idea how it will print out but if you have a Silhouette machine you can save these pictures below to your computer, then open in the Silhouette software and trace. If you don't have a cutting machine you should still be able to save to your computer, print, resize, trace, cutout and admire. let me know how it goes if you do use them.

I have included a blank bar below for spacing if you don't want to use a symbol in between words.
I do plan on making numbers and punctuation but I figured I had better post this now or it's never going to happen.


kms handmade said...

Totally awesome Jennifer!!!

Corinnea said...

So fun. Very well done!!!

Janel said...

This is going to come in *very* handy someday. Thank you for sharing.

Creaciones del Mar said...

muchas gracias por compartir. excelente material.

Anonymous said...

I love them! How can I dowload them? Thank you for sharing!!!

Kelsie O said...

Thank you so much for this! I used your images to make a printer-ready version of the tabbed letters. Check out my post to see what I made!

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