Friday, June 27, 2014

Sporty Spice Union St.Tee

Adrianna, who is one half of Crafterhours (and the one behind Hey June patterns) asked me and some other ladies if we'd like to try her newest pattern and do a little blog tour and of course I said yes! Because I LOVE v-necks. I have found they are the most flattering on me (and have bought about 50 navy and black ones from JCrew--stick with what you like, right?). I also said yes because I love Adrianna. I do. She's soooo cool and sooo funny and I love everything she does and her patterns and her writing style and JUST EVERYTHING. 

Ok, enough about her:) Now on to the shirt! 
The grey fabric is from Girl Charlee (Black Heather Solid Cotton Jersey Tri Blend Knit Fabric) and the stripes on the sleeves are a solid black jersey, 1/2" wide. The black iron on transfer was cut with my silhouette and the black neck band is cut from a Target tshirt. I interfaced that with iron-on knit stuff to keep it stable because it kept rolling up on me. pattern modifications are: I made the short sleeves about 1" shorter than the pattern and did not hem it (because I forgot but hope to do that one day). I sewed a large because of bust measurements. I'm 5'7" if that helps, have wide hips....and just thought I'd need a large. 

I put a small 17 on the chest and arm along with the large one on the back with my last name and they were all SOOOOO hard to photograph. I had my Dad take these photos and we had to really walk around the yard trying to find the right light and angle. Thanks Dad!! **I chose 17 for no reason except I love the #7 and Emily's favorite # is 17.
This pattern walks you through making a v-neck which is so cool. I had made v-necks before when I went through a scrub making phase about 15 years ago but the instructions sucked. These don't. Look at my V!! Almost perfect! It's actually my shoddy top-stitching that makes it look off but trust me, that V is good. Thanks Adrianna for awesome instructions:)
Below it shows that I could have made a smaller shirt but I'm glad I didn't. This thin knit is not super stretchy and I think with this particular fabric it wouldn't have looked good fitted. Maybe it would have but I didn't want to test it smaller.
See that Hey June button below? Don't try and click on it.
Thanks again Adrianna!

Alsooooooo, my super creative and dear-to-my-heart friends Corinnea and Jessica (mother and daughter) of Created Blissfully are showing off their Union St. Tee(s) today too! Go over there and check them/it out! I worked with Corinnea in Germany for a VERY long time. I can vouch for her sewing abilities.  Jessica is not so bad either:) Jessica is crazy talented like her mom and I love seeing her crafty stuff like this and this.


Jessica said...

love it! The iron on graphic addition is great! It's nice to see your face on the blog again.... : )

Corinnea said...

I love this so much! I agree with Jessica, I love seeing your face on the blog again. You really are one of the most clever people I know.

hey june said...

Oh man, I love this one so much, especially your iron-ons and the detailing on the sleeves. And I can't get over the perfection of that fabric. I wonder if they still have it in stock.. :) Thanks so much for joining the tour!!

Lightning McStitch said...

What a fantastic T-Shirt, love the fabrics and your stencil is superb! (I'm jealous of your stencil cutter)

kristin said...

oh i love this version! nice work on the sporty spice details, fun stuff.

kms handmade said...

So cool! I really like all the details! Looks great!

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