Monday, August 17, 2015

Plaid Alice Top --Tessuti

I made this top months ago when we were still living in San Diego but never blogged it. I have several things to blog....
Fabric: light weight seersucker plaid from Beverly's fabric about 2011
Size: Small (I'm not normally a small. Usually a medium or large but this runs huge)
I lined the yoke in  Anna Maria solid voile and NO interfacing
For the sleeves I lined it in the same plaid and used NO interfacing. I added a piece to the armhole to close the arm hole up a bit. I cannot stand my skin touching skin in that area when I sweat so I had to add it! You can see it better 2 pictures down. Lastly, I did a 3" hem.

I had to add this one because I look I'm pregnant and my back aches.

I love this top! I think it would look  cute in so many different fabrics. If you google Alice top Tessuti and click on images, you will see so many cute versions!


kristin said...

Very cute and will transition nicely to fall too! I've liked every Alice top I've seen. Oh and that "pregnancy photo" is hilarious. :D

Lightning McStitch said...

Oh No! how embarrassing. Delete my comment please! I read it as "look, I'm pregnant and my back aches" not "I look LIKE I'm pregnant..."
You look fabulous.

kms handmade said...

Awesome! Always like this style on you. Pretty cool with the arm hole fix. That might be cool in a contrast fabric, or even a little piece of knit to look like another shirt underneath.

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